Positive and reward-based dog agility training in Somerset

Swift Agility Dog Training

Founded by Joanna Turner

The dog training is run by Joanna (Jo) who is an Agility Club Approved Instructor, First Class. Jo began competing in Dog Agility in 2007 and has been an instructor since 2012. She is an agility enthusiast who aims to encourage safe development, enjoyment and a high level of proficiency in the sport of dog agility.  She also has experience in training a wide variety of dogs and their handlers.

All dog training methods used are positive and reward based, with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment for both handler and dog. With the recognition that one size does not fit all, Jo tailors training to reflect her strong belief that dogs and their owners should be treated as individuals.  She keeps abreast with modern training techniques and attends local and national training seminars, providing her with the skills to facilitate people and dogs to learn successfully together.

Meddler - Grade 7 Agility Training

Dog Agility Club Approved Instructor

Based in Drayton, Somerset

Jo has been an accredited UK Agility judge since 2013. She currently competes at Grade 7 with her cocker spaniel, Medler and has competed at the Crufts and Olympia national finals, also representing England at the World Agility Open Championships:

“I have many years’ experience of competing in agility, judging and supporting the running of shows. I wish to share my enthusiasm, whether you are simply looking for a fun activity with your dog, wish to take part in agility competitions or are already competing.”