Positive and reward-based dog agility training in Somerset



Fluke was a Springer Spaniel and was Jo’s first agility dog, reaching Grade 7 (Kennel Club grades run from 1-7). Together, they won the Agility Club Starters Challenge and competed and won in the Kennel Club Novice Cup at Crufts. Fluke is no longer with us but will always be the first of the Turner Pack.


Meddler is a Cocker Spaniel.  She is currently running at Grade 7 and competing in championship classes and finals. She currently has 2 Championship Certificates.  Jo and Meddler have competed at Crufts, the prestigious Kennel Club Dog Agility Finals at Olympia and represented England in the World Agility Open Championships.


Rattler is a Border Collie.  He won into Grade 5 before retiring early due to health issues. He now enjoys other sports including Rally, Man Trailing, trick training and Canine Hoopers.



Coppin is a Cocker Spaniel and the puppy of the pack. She is currently enjoying learning the foundations of agility and Gundog training.