Positive and reward-based dog agility training in Somerset

Located in Drayton, Somerset

Training is provided at The Meadows, Drayton, Langport, Somerset TA10 0LA across 7 days per week.  Please contact Joanna Turner for further information.

Jo also takes lessons at The Barn at Grenton, which is located just outside of Street. For more information on this venue please contact Jo.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

Regular Group training lessons:

£8.00 per 1 hour session, paid monthly on the 1st of the month. We do require one months’ notice if the sessions are no longer required

Individual training lessons:

£15 – 30 minute session.
£25 – 1 hour session.
24 hours’ notice of cancellation of a booked session is required.

Foundation courses:

£45 for a 6 week course, payable on booking

Workshops and Fun Days:

Prices vary and are payable on booking

For more information, please contact Jo Turner .

Dog Agility Lessons

Foundation (Beginners) Dog Agility

These classes are designed for new handlers and/or new dogs to the sport. Training includes:

  • Start-line routine and games to develop attention
  • Body awareness, including games to develop co-ordination and balance skills
  • Development of basic control skills for agility
  • Learning to read body language for change of direction and position
  • Shaping skills to support obstacle independence
  • Basic handling manoeuvres taught and perfected on the ground, before progressing onto obstacles
  • Using jump grids to support take off and landing point knowledge

For more details on all classes please contact Jo Turner

Intermediate Dog Agility

These classes are for handlers and dogs who have already completed training in obstacle performance and basic handling skills. The training builds on existing skills including:

  • Increasing obstacle independence
  • Perfecting the use of Jump Grids
  • Perfecting start-line routines
  • More advanced handling manoeuvres
  • Obstacle sequencing progressing to course running
  • Course analysis techniques, discussing handling options and best route

For more details on all classes please contact Jo Turner

Competitive Dog Agility

These classes are for dog and handler partnerships wishing to improve their course negotiating skills, speed and accuracy in the ring. They include:

  • More advanced sequencing and handling skills
  • Improving independent obstacle performance, including weave and contact drills
  • Course running and analysis

For more details on all classes please contact Jo Turner

Private Dog Training

While working in a group training class is highly recommended, sometimes one to one training can be beneficial.

A private session can be very helpful if you wish to concentrate on a challenging area, for example contact training, start line discipline or course analysis. Or you may simply wish to spend more time working individually on your agility skills generally.

Some dogs find a class environment too stressful and one to one lessons can be ideal in helping them focus without distraction, providing an ideal opportunity for them to learn and work on exercises and techniques which will help them in a class situation.

For more details on all sessions please contact Jo Turner